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Anger Management Classes

Anger management is designed to focus on increasing the emotional intelligence, insight, awareness and assertive communication skills of individuals who identify as having difficulty managing anger/frustration or are engaging in angry outbursts. The goal of the class is to increase the ability to manage anger and emotions through a combination of education and coping skills.

Class Schedule

We offer customized anger management programs. In addition, accelerated classes are also available both individually and in group settings.

Our classes are co-ed, one hour in length, and are available weekly as follows:

Mondays & Wednesdays
5pm - 6pm PST & 7pm - 8pm PST

On Zoom
Court Ordered Or Voluntary

$50 Enrollment Fee (One-Time)
$25 Per Session

with an immediate certificate of enrollment emailed to you upon receipt of the first payment

Domestic Violence Classes

Domestic violence on the other hand is designed to work with perpetrators of intimate partner violence. The primary problem is power and control. Physical violence is one of many forms of abusive behaviors including emotional abuse, verbal abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, and more. In domestic violence treatment we focus on changing one’s beliefs, empathy-building for the victim, and denial is targeted. Treatment is confrontational and there is a frequent reminder of the consequences of one’s action - court-ordered or voluntary.  

Class Schedule

Our Domestic Violence Batterer's Intervention class is available once per week as follows:

7am - 9am PST

On Zoom

$100 Enrollment Fee (One-Time)
$50 Per Session

Parenting Classes

Our Parenting classes are available as follows:

By Appointment Only

$40 Enrollment Fee (One-Time)
$30 Per Session

Additional meetings with the doctor one-on-one will be $130 per hour per person.